I am a poet, a lover and a mother. I am passionate about people and about words (and like nothing better than having both in the same room.) I am in about my third re-invention of character and career. In my 20s I wanted to be a journalist, in my 30s I wanted to be a psychologist, in my 40s I wanted to be a pastor – now I think I might just like to go back to being a writer and an editor, but please don’t stop me dreaming of being something else as well! Most recently I became a granny – and I just love the license that gives me to be even more eccentric than in my youth (see Introducing the good-enough-granny.) I am good at lots of things and expert at very little – but that’s okay because I LOVE LEARNING. Today I had a good day because I learned how to post this blog – so who knows what new pleasure tomorrow might bring?


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Vivien Magasiner says:

    Hello Jill,
    A friend sent me your ” Protea ” card with good wishes for my birthday. I love it!
    Any chance of buying some cards from you on your web? Do you have an outlet in Cape Town?
    Vivien Magasiner

    1. jilllawton says:

      Thanks Vivien! I don’t right now, but I would love to get an outlet there if you can suggest any quirky art galleries or independent bookshops ( the bigger shops buy bulk overseas.) You can certainly buy online and I can post them to you. The normal size ones like the Protea usually sell for R25 and large square ones for R30 – we can do a discount for a bulk purchase and they easily can be posted – I post them to a gallery in Ramsgate. You can see some other designs on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/WordsAndWonder/?fref=ts – if you click on “photos”, you will see poppies, butterfly, sunset, eagle, colourful people – but there are a lot more – you have inspired me, I will set up better display for online sales 🙂 You can email me at lifeisorchestral@gmail.com Kind regards, Jill

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