Give me wings

Give me wings.
Why should I sigh when I can fly
Give me wings.
Don’t box me or break me!
Sing me and shake me out
to scatter scent upon the wind.

Give me wings.
Why should I hide inside
when I am more than you can see?
Sing me and shake me!
Celebrate me!
With tea and cake if need be
As long as you have freed me – first,
Give me wings.

Give me wings.
Don’t squash me or squeeze me,
strangle me or freeze me,
throttle me or bottle me
when there’s a breeze can
free me.
Give me wings.

Give me wings.
Give me a cape and a costume
and a hand up to sweep the room.
Fashion me and fling me,
bejewel me and bling me,
Clip my nails – but not my wings.
Give me a stage to ‘light on,
Not a perch to fight from
but a runway to flight from
into the bright blue yonder.
Give me wings.

Give me wings to lift me
into a life of mystery.
Sing me and shake me
into all that you can make me.
Dazzle me and dare me –
D’you think that you can scare me?
Give me wings,
Give me wings,
and watch me fly.

2 thoughts on “Give me wings

  1. Alison Brown says:

    Dear Jill

    Hope to use this at Open Mic on Friday. Do you have a three line explanation of what prompted you to write it?

    Hope so

    Sent from Windows Mail

  2. jilllawton says:

    “When I was a little girl (5 or 6) I really wanted to be Wonder Woman. Obviously I needed a cape and so I climbed onto the blanket box in my mother’s bedroom, attached her red curtains to my shoulders and leapt into the void (onto her bed, actually) – taking the curtains and the curtain rail with me. The poem is dedicated to the little girl (in all of us) who has big dreams.”
    Hope Friday night goes well.
    ps I am coming over to London in early December and bringing some books with me – if anyone from your group is interested, they can order a copy online (there is a form on this website) and the books will be posted in time for Christmas. xx

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