Genesis poem

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In the beginning… [it all has beginning,
save Him without a start or a finish,
Artist and Author poised, pen in hand]
He breathes on the blackness, sighs into silence –
no, not even – no space to paint nor stage to inhabit
just bottomless depths, sucking the light into
cavernous womb. The Spirit wings hum and hover
faster than light not yet apparent till God says “Be!”
and atoms explode unleashing power – spiraling out,
irresistible Life-force – all that we know, the Now
and the Not-yet: a Universe born and cradled
in love.

Night and day; screaming potential;
relentless clamour; sucking for solace
and gasping for purpose; glistening with hope:
a new world is born.

* * * * *

The first thing that God made was space;
He pushed back the roaring waters
and held back the teeming waters
and commanded the raging waters.
He spoke peace to the flooding waters
until they parted and fled and left –
Space: a medium so light and airy that
the angels spun with delight,
gliding effortless through their new home
called Heaven.

Night and day; a comforting cadence;
space to dance and breathe and witness
The wonder of One
who made room for living.

* * * * *

Now God gathers, heaves together
the weight of the deep, the bulk of the waters
and steadies the waves with the sound of his voice.
Earth appears. Lumbering land uncovered.
Submarine surfaces – its solid moist edges
licked by indolent waves – a playground of pleasure
anticipates someone to play.

Cradle and seed-bed burst into blossom;
carpet the ground and clothe every fold;
high hill and deep vale, sunlit and shadow
dazzle the breeze, a riot of colour,
fragrant with fruit and bursting to cover
and fill every corner with food to delight in;
tastes to savour and nourish the soul.

Night and day; cool in the clear air;
nothing disturbs the calm of the moment
settling fast over ocean and island,
floating free in a sea of content.

* * * * *

On the fourth day the sun erupted with passion.
The moon smiled back, reflecting his glory –
and God laughed to see it, scattering jewels
across the bright heavens, stars and planets
paving the skyways and marking the seasons
with rhythms of rest and favour and feasting;
days for dancing and nights for dreaming.

Evening and morning; waiting and wonder;
the silent earth turning in hope of a glimmer
of the face that shines and the music that’s longing
to break the air waves with a song of rejoicing.

* * * * *

On the fifth day the sea began to boil and swarm
and bubble; and ripple with flesh and fin and scale
and muscle. The life was carried by current and river,
propelled to leap higher, splashing the colour
of sunlight and plunging hope to the depths.
Then in a blaze of unforeseen grandeur
the heavens peeled open –
the sky started singing.

Night sinks to rest with choirs of bright angels
sustaining the chorus the birds have begun;
dawn calls again for passing the baton – a relay of
music rings round the earth.

* * * * *

God looked on with joy and elation;
loved what he saw and knew what he loved.
But among every creature not one could love him
the way that he loved them; the passion and hunger
grew in his heart until he no longer settled for something
less than a heart-beat in tune with his own heart.
So that was the start of a project more glorious than
galaxies bathed in star-dust and splendour;
astounded angels gazed on in wonder
as he fashioned a creature so fragile but favoured
to carry the life-breath of Him whose voice thundered
worlds into being. Heaven fell silent in the face of a goodness
great beyond question – a marvelous miracle –
better than good.

* * * * *

Evening and morning. “It’s finished!” said Father.
“All said and done.”
Spirit smiled. “I AM…….
in love,” said the Son.

“My Bride will be worth every drop of my lifeblood.
There’s nothing in heaven or earth to replace her –
this flesh-of-my-flesh, bought with a passion and
born for a glory none can imagine.
I’ll fight to the death
to woo her and win her.”

“And I”, said Spirit, “will be your right hand;
I’ll reach into time and pour out my nature
to seal her heart and fill her with power
so that we four together, forever and ever,
will dance the dance
that Father began.”

4 thoughts on “Genesis poem

  1. holdingbreathmemoir says:

    Jill, one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) lines in the Bible is, “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” That, I think, is a poem in itself. This poem really does it justice. It’s beautiful. (I also listened to your reading of another poem–you read so well!)

  2. jilllawton says:

    Thanks Nancy – I got fed up of (not even rejection letters!) no comment and decided to self-publish – which my family and friends seem to like 🙂 It’s been good experience so far, so if you don’t get a publisher for your chapbook, don’t be discouraged and do the SP again. (I also downloaded your memoir which is poignant and fascinating – your honesty is very refreshing!)

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