Root and Shoot

Those who say they “can”
and those who say they “can’t”
are both right.
They are root and shoot
of the same plant.
The pale blind root pushes
into the warm earth
seeking comfort,
a dark place to hide
transparent nakedness.
The confident shoot pushes up
into a glaring world
that watches
as leaves unfold
and fruit firms and falls.
They are both in me:
the feeding root and the
flowering shoot.
Sometimes I dare to turn
from my cool dark
reservoir – to see what
new adventures lie on the
horizon of my seed-bed.
Sometimes my dreams wilt
in the fierce heat of failure
or rebuff and I crawl back
into my safe place.
And lying in the dark
of your embrace I realize
that my “can” and my “can’t”
are insignificant shades of meaning
in the vast garden of your love.

Hear me read this poem HERE

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