Feeding from my friends

Don’t you love it when friends come to stay? Even more so when they are both fun and creative. Had that experience this weekend when some new-found friends passed through bringing fresh-air and inspiration. John is a pastor, passionate for the things of the kingdom and his wife, Lisa, is an artist of immense talent who shared with us some work in progress including (this really touched us) a prophetic picture for us and our church. Seeing the use of light and colour in her work and hearing some of their holiday stories, inspired me to a multi-sensory experience of how light and sound shifts through the day as a kind of metaphor of our life – and how we need and receive different things from God in those changing times and seasons. What emerged was a prayer: hope you like it.


Whisper that you love me
In the quiet morning air
When the skies are tinged with scarlet
And trees hang heavy-laden
With heaven’s dew alive.

Speak me words of comfort
As the eagle climbs the stair
Through searing sun-blast canyons,
Above the tumbling rocks
And rivers born of tears.

Shout my name with pride
As I run the homeward straight:
Blind my dimming eyes
With dancing sunset flames
Calling me to come.

Hold me in your arms
As daylight dies to dust
And whisper of the dawn
Awaiting in the shadows
To raise me to your heart.

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