Passion Poem

BErg landscape

When I survey the endless sky
And watch the aimless clouds drift by
The stars that fill the vacant night
A thousand points of restless light
The mountains that in grandeur stand –
I marvel that the powerful hand
That raised them far above my head
Reached down to comfort me instead
And grasped my tiny hand in His
The gentle breeze His fragrant kiss.
And when relentless rain beats down
And blackens earth with fearsome frown
In raging tempest yet I hear
A still small voice say “do not fear.”
When all that makes my life secure
Is shaken to the very core
When everything I hold most dear
Is slipping through my fingers bare
I feel a presence undenied
That says ‘weep not, for I am here.”
And in my heart I know that He
Is ever, always, there for me.
And come the heat or come the drought
Of friendship failed or broken heart
Or even as the fiery trial
Seems like to make my heart to fail
His courage lifts my eyes to look
To find him where I had no hope
That He would follow in my stead
And every path I deemed too hard
To persevere, to journey more –
I learned that He had gone before.

So can you ask me how or why
My heart beats only for the one
Who loved me, claimed me as his own
And I will walk and I will stand
His lover to the very end.

Hear me read this poem HERE

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