Good-enough-granny goes techno

I used to think my high school teachers did me a disservice in considering
me too bright to learn to type and putting me in the maths class instead. I
mean, I very rarely use my rusty calculus, but it would save a lot of time
and frustration if I could type 60wpm accurately. Then, a few years ago I began to
wonder if my keyboard skills were not about to become irrelevant in the
light of a greater need for mouse-control – I watched with envy as my
daughter raced through Mahjong at what seemed like subliminal processing
speed (I am sure she moved the mouse faster than the eye is capable of
taking in the visual field). Now I stand aghast as my five year old
granddaughter creates touch-screen art and my two-and-a-half year old
grandson orders his own toys off the internet (no, his parents weren’t
paying attention and only found out after the parcel was dispatched express
delivery – full credit to Amazon – the one-click shopping really works!) And
then I wondered why I scored so badly in the New Year’s Wii dance
competition – until I realized you don’t have to conform your whole body to
the demo model – only the hand that holds the remote!!!

So therein lies the answer – it’s not about being on top of technology –
just a reasonable approximation – getting onto the playing field. I want to
say to my technophobic generation – have a stab at it (well, maybe ‘stab’ is
the wrong word – that describes how my father-in-law in his 70s first
approached the computer mouse – ‘stab-and-click’ really didn’t work well for
him.) But you know what I mean. How else are you going to know what the kids
are up to? Of course, they (my generation) are probably not reading this –
but to my kids and grandkids who are……. Watch-out! Granny’s online!

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